Motto: ''The qualified Translators in the multilingualism world and of the dialogue between cultures.''

Public Organisation UNION OF AUTHORIZED TRANSLATORS OF MOLDOVA (hereinafter U.T.A) is operational since March 26, 2010. It was constituted based on Decree No. 459 of August 05, 2009 on approval of Regulation of activity of translators and interpreters hired by the Supreme Council Of Magistrates, Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor offices, law enforcement authorities, courts, notaries, lawyers and court officers.

The U.T.A. shall be the promoter and main coordinator of improving and consulting on efficient and authorized translations in the Republic of Moldova. Our goal is to identify professional problems of authorized translators and interpreters in Moldova and immediately identify a legal solution to them; set up an efficient information system that would include norms and regulations, related to professional and/or social activities of the members of the Union; establish partnerships and other ways of cooperation with competent national and international authorities; develop new and update existing glossaries of terms in the Republic of Moldova, as well as compile databases and multifunctional thesauri for all areas of human activity (social, political, legal, administrative, medical, informational, technical, agriculutural, etc.).

The logo of U.T.A. is the message in all languages of interational importance, ensuring its efficiency and quality in the work of translators and interpreters authorized by the Ministry of Justice. The colours stand for the following: red (verifiable and correct) - Translation;green (discourse and constructive thinking) - Consecutive interpretation;blue (maximum concentration and spontancity) - Simultaneous interpretation, these all being permanently and mutually interdependent. The sequence of boxes represents the tree stages of training of translators and interpreters - undergraduate, master, and doctoral courses.